Everyday I’m Hustlin’

I love rap music. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to all types of music but rap and hip-hop are my favorite.

I like hearing rappers brag about all the hot chicks they have sex with. I like hearing them talk about all the money they have. They are confident and cocky. What is wrong with that?

I was listening to a Rick Ross song called “Hustlin’”. It inspired me. I need to start hustlin’. I don’t mean coke on the corner. I mean trying to make as much money and meet as many people as possible.

If I am not blogging for financial incentives I am just wasting my time. If I am not wisely investing my money I am throwing money away.

I should be constantly sending out resumes and interviewing for a better paying job.

I should be talking up women every where I go. I don’t care if it is a checker at the grocery store or a nurse checking my prostrate.

I need to stop hoping and waiting for success to find me and go find it myself.

I need to stop setting in the bleachers and wishing like Skee-Lo and get on the court and get rich or die trying like 50 Cent.

See, rap music isn’t all negative. In fact I dare you to find such inspiration from emo music!