How To Make Your Ex Want You Back

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Here’s an article by Dean Cortez, author of Ex Back Experts, about how to make your ex want you back…


It is truly awful when your romantic relationship ends and you don’t want it to happen. The pain can be so intense that it is difficult not to become severely depressed. However if your goal is to make your ex want you back, then allowing yourself to become disheartened is not a very good idea. It is critical that you do the exact opposite to what your instincts are telling you to do.

No Stalking

Avoid the temptation to phone, email or hassle them with constant text messages. It is a good idea to tell your ex that they can contact you whenever they wish and then avoid contacting them altogether. That means no calls or text messages. It also entails avoiding the places where you know they are likely to be. Do not try to get information about them by pestering their friends or family either.

The very last thing you should do is beg or plead with your ex, give presents or promise that you are going to change. This will make you look desperate and needy, which is decidedly unattractive and will definitely make your ex withdraw further away from you. Instead try to remain cool and calm even if you feel as though you are dying inside.

A New Look

Go get yourself a makeover. A new look is a very good idea for several reasons. If you happen to bump into your ex they will notice how good you look or if you see their friends they will send back positive reports. It will also help you to feel more self-confident and positive. So hit the gym, whiten your teeth, get a new haircut and invest in some new clothes. Do not sit at home sobbing, eating chocolate and getting fat.

Get On With Your Life

If you wear your heart on your sleeve and go about your business looking like a depressed train wreck after a break-up then obviously you have no idea how to make your ex want you back. Self pity does not make other people want to spend time with you because it is a very ugly emotion. If you want your ex back keep smiling, go out and try to have a good time. That doesn’t mean you should date other people in the endeavor to make your ex jealous. But it does mean that you should be seen enjoying yourself in places where people of both genders meet up to have a good time.

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- Dean Cortez

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