Examples of Halloween Pick Up Artist Costumes that Attract Women

I love Halloween and lately I’ve been spending a lot of time running day game at the local costume shops.

While there I also make it a point to check out the costumes offered.

One thing I noticed is that most costumes for women are incredibly sexy and flattering while most costumes for men are goofy and unflattering.

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I’ve dressed up almost every year of my life and I can tell you if you want to get laid on Halloween that dressing up like a woman or as Stewie Griffith is not the way to go.

I’m not saying that a costume is going to get you laid necessarily, but it can get you attention.

Halloween is all about peacocking. I find that certain costumes, like peacocking accessories, will get you more favorable attention than others.

Here are my opinions of the least favorable costumes…

A Woman:

Buy some female clothes at Goodwill…

get a wig …

blow up some balloons for boobs …

put on some makeup …

look like a tranny.

Women do not want to hook up with trannies…

Eddie Murphy and Hugh Grant want to hook up with trannies.


I remember going out one year and seeing a guy dressed as a nerd with suspenders and taped glasses leaning against the wall looking all alone and rejected.

I remember thinking to myself “what the fuck did the guy expect dressing like that?!?”

Cartoon character:

I don’t care if it is the robot from Futurama or a Smurf, cartoon characters are lame…

Word-pun costume:

You have a giant magnet around your neck with baby chickens stuck to it…

You are dressed like a night stand…

Wait, I get it!

“chick magnet”….

“one night stand”…

You’re hawarious!

Did you come up with that incredibly witty costume on your own or from the back of a “Highlights” magazine in a dentist’s waiting room.


Creepy movie killer:

I’m sure a woman will feel incredibly comfortable going home with a guy she doesn’t know who is dressed up like Jason from Friday the 13th, Freddy from Nightmare on Elmstreet or any others scarry or creepy costume with a rubber mask, fake blood or face paint…

Hugh Hefner:

Unless you are going out with a group of hot girls you are going to look like a real dope.


See Hugh Hefner above…

On the other hand, here’s some of my favorite costumes…


Women think cowboys are rugged and sexy.

Cowboys were a Halloween staple until Brokeback Mountain came and fucked it all up.

Time cures everything and I think this year is the first where you can break out the boots and cowboy hat without lines like “I wish I knew how to quit you” popping up in peoples minds.

Anything with a suit:

Halloween is a great opportunity to dress more formal than normal and not look miscalibrated.

Women like guys in suits…

Take advantage of the opportunity.


This might not be the most flattering costume but you gotta love having an excuse to be bad for a night.

I would go around and open girls by poking them with my pitchfork.

Something homemade and creative:

I remember me and a friend dressed up as Maverick and Goose from Top Gun.

In hindsight the Top Gun bit was totally played out.

We went out with another friend who had a safari outfit with purple face paint and a stuffed boa constrictor wrapped around his neck.

Guess who got the most attention that night?!


I have a friend who is ripped.

Last year he went as a gladiator and the women were pawing and clawing at him everywhere he went.

If a dude went into a nightclub without a shirt any other night of the year he wouldn’t get in.

If you have a great physique take advantage of the flexibility Halloween offers and flaunt it.

This year he is dressing up as Indiana Jones.

I just don’t get it…

Mystery the pick up artist:

Why not dress up like Mystery?!?

If a girl says “are you a pickup artist or something?” Say “fuck yeah, I’m Mystery!!! Now watch me pull a quarter from behind your ear…”

Yep, get yourself a fuzzy hat



a gawdy necklace and pendant

black fingernail polish…

a lipstick kiss on the neck…

and some frilly shirt that looks like it was stolen from Prince’s closet and you’re Mystery!

So there you go…

My opinion of good costumes that will attract women.

The key is to have a flattering and fun costume that will give you material to use initially and then be prepared to escalate it from there.

Also be prepared with some canned openers to use on the sexy nurse, sexy cop, Hooters girl, etc that you are bound to see out that night…

Just make sure it is something that she hasn’t heard a million times already that night…

Isn’t Halloween fun?!!!

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight