Here’s An Exercise to Improve Your Posture (Body Language Tip)

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Here’s a quick video of Love Systems instructor Hootie about how to improve your posture.

Hootie just released his new book called “Body Talk: The Definitive Guide on Body Language for Men“. You can check out my Love Systems Body Talk review for more info on it.

For the next few days, he’s offering it at a special introductory price (hint: it’s less than $10.)


Like Hootie, my mom always lectured me about my posture. I’m tall (6′4″) so I used to always slouch. Slouching is very UNATTRACTIVE. It exudes a lack of confidence. I used similar exercises to what Hootie teaches to learn how to walk tall and keep my back straight when setting.

Here’s some more tips about posture from Hootie.

Good posture is a very well understood concept. What looks good, and eventually, what feels good, is scientifically understood. Your posture and the way in which you carry yourself can have broad implications on how others perceive you.

Stand with your back against a wall with your feet about six inches from the wall. Next, place your buttocks, shoulders, and head against the wall without pushing your head back. Ideally, you should see less than two inches of space between the wall and (1) the small of your back and (2) your neck. If not, this is likely an indication that you have a curved spine. Additionally, it is important that while you stand up straight, you make sure to flex your abs. Most folks have the tendency to push their stomachs out when straightening their backs, and that is an unhealthy and unattractive way to stand. To counteract this tendency, flex your stomach muscles. It will push on the small of your back and reduce the likelihood of any back pain. Once you are in the right position, remember precisely how it feels to stand perfectly straight. This is now your marker for what you should feel when you are standing in social situations or walking around. Does it feel awkward? If so, chances are that your standing posture is subpar and in need of some major tinkering.

Go check out Hootie’s Body Talk now before the price goes up.

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