Here’s An Exercise to Improve Your Smile (Body Language Tip)

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Here’s a quick video of Love Systems instructor Hootie about how to improve your smile.

Hootie just released his new book called “Body Talk: The Definitive Guide on Body Language for Men“. You can check out my Love Systems Body Talk review for more info on it.

For the next few days, he’s offering it at a special introductory price (hint: it’s less than $10.)


I can relate. Smiling is very attractive to women. For years I didn’t smile much due to my anxiety. You need to learn to be more comfortable and force yourself to smile more.

Here’s some more tips about smiling from Hootie.

Smiling is an absolute cornerstone of strong body language. Smiling is not only a sign of confidence, but it is an amazingly powerful attraction trigger for women.

1. Find your smile – after you brush your teeth in the morning, spend two minutes simply playing with your smile in the mirror. Ideally, you should be modeling it after Don Jon, Vincent Chase, or Jax. Try varying the amount of teeth shown in your grin until you have something that looks attractive and confident. If you’re having trouble determining a good smile on your own, seek the advice and counsel of a dating professional or a good friend who is socially attuned.

2. Converse with yourself for 10 minutes in the mirror while smiling – once you have settled on a good smile, carry on a conversation with yourself for 10 minutes. You can talk about anything you like, whether it is work related or purely nonsensical. Your main objective is to keep this smile on your face for the duration of the conversation. This baseline smile will be your “shit-eating grin,” but of course you may heighten your smile during peaks in your soliloquy. But remember: never go below the baseline during this exercise.

3. Smile continuously throughout the day – for the rest of the day, do your best to maintain a smile in every conversation. This will be incredibly awkward and difficult at first, but do your best to make this a consistent fixture of your body language. Every time you feel your smile slipping or becoming awkward, go back to a mirror and recalibrate. This is the most important step of the process, and also the most difficult. If you are having trouble generating a genuine smile while talking to women, I recommend attempting to picture them naked and masturbating. I know it sounds crass, but I challenge you to keep a straight face while envisioning this act.

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