Having sex each day should be the norm not the exception

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There was an interesting quote made in a documentary on the sexual revolution in China that I watched.

In China sex shops are all over. They do not fit your typical impression of a dirty porn shop off the interstate full of truckers and freaky pervs. Instead they are classy establishments frequented by couples looking for lingerie and sex toys to use with each other and videos to watch with each other.

A woman validated their existence by saying:

“Sex shops should be no different than Starbucks. People have sex every day just like people have coffee every day.”

I couldn’t agree more now.

But for so much of my life I considered the days that I had sex the exception and the days I didn’t the norm. The big problem is that I ACCEPTED it that way.

Sex is a basic human need. I would not accept being without any of the other basic human needs.

If I was hungry, I would go to the grocery store or to a restaurant.

If I was thirsty, I would buy a drink.

If I needed shelter, I would rent an apartment or get a hotel.

But with sex I would settle with masturbating like it was no big deal. If I thought there was something wrong with me not getting laid, I would recall the time I got laid three months ago and use it as reassurance. I was just in a drought.

You cannot do anything about a drought when it involves mother nature. They happen and are unavoidable.

But I could have taken steps to end the type of drought I was in.

I should have seeked help. I should have analyzed what I was doing wrong and changed it.

I should have been out sarging daily. I should have turned the TV and computer off. I should have eliminated all the time wasting distractions in my life and spent that time working to become better with women.

I was drowning in a sea of abstinence and I was making no attempt to fight my way to the surface.

If you are not getting laid you have a major problem in your life. Quit sweeping it under the carpet and clean it up!

I know that you can change. I know that you have what it takes to be successful with women. Take the needed steps to do it TODAY not tomorrow.

If you are looking for some resources to help you I recommend David DeAnglelo’s Double Your Dating ebook and his different audio series. I think his advanced and mastery series are a great foundation. David DeAnglelo is an amazing speaker and he does an exceptional job of drilling some of the most important concepts into your brain. I listened to these series for a half a hour each day when I was starting out and found myself implementing his ideas almost subconsciously when I went out to bars and clubs and talked to women. I could see the progress and my success increase immediately.

Another great thing about his series is that you will hear from a potpourri of the most influential members of the seduction community including Mystery PUA, Neil Strauss and Tyler Durden. His material is a great stepping stone into the community so check it out now if you haven’t yet.

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