Facebook Pickup Routine: “The Mistake”

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Derek Lamont is the author of Online Pickup Secrets.

Here is a routine by him that you can use with someone on Facebook…

Here’s a Facebook (or MySpace) pickup routine that you can employ right now that will vastly increase your response rate with women…

I call it “The Mistake” routine…

Use this on women on your Facebook friends list that you vaguely know.

Start off by saying…

“Hey! It was amazing meeting your friends last night at the bar… but I honestly can’t believe you pulled that little caper last night! How’d that go?”

Of course, you didn’t actually meet her last night at the bar. But the whole point is that you’re coming across as unaware that you’re making this mistake in an attempt to open.

This message has some of the key ingredients of a first message…

It has an element of social proofing (meeting her friends)…

It has an element of pre-selection (meeting a woman’s friends)…

And it has, above all, that all important element of MYSTERY. She’s going to ask herself… “What did this guy think I did last night?”

More times than not, you’ll get a response.

But how do you know when to escalate the interaction and take things a step further? That’s where I come in…

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Derek Lamont

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