Family Guy Has Quagmire the Pick Up Artist Guru & Brian Peacocking

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Did you happen to catch this past Sunday’s episode of Family Guy?

It aired April 10, 2011 and was called “Tiegs For You” (Season 9, Episode 14)…

In it, Quagmire is a pick up artist instructor and teaches Brian how to pick up chicks with his own type of PUA bootcamp… complete with seminar classes and infield approaches at a night club…

Quagmire also has Brian “dress flashy” with sunglasses and obnoxious Affliction/Ed Hardy inspired clothes, which Stewie quickly labels as “peacocking“…

Brian also refers to himself by his new pick up artist name of “The Paw” and starts “negging” a girl in the night club…

Watch the parts related to pick up below (you’ll be forced to watch a 30 second ad first):

Download the episode at Amazon or iTunes.

Only the last 5 Family Guy episodes can be watched on Hulu, so if you’re reading this later than that or if you are from another country… you’ll have to download the episode at Amazon or iTunes or buy the DVDs

It amazes me that these TV shows are still making references to The Pick-Up Artist and the Mystery Method yet today…

A couple months ago, in an episode of The Simpsons… Homer also tried to learn how to pick up girls through classes taught by a cartoon pick up guru…

If you REALLY want to learn how to pick up girls… this is the best place to start!

It’s casual,
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