February Contest Winners

February was an awesome month for eSeduce. Traffic doubled and feed subscribers increased by 50%.

I want to take a second to pimp my newsletter. It is going to be good with mailings once a week so sign up for it in the upper left half of the page.

As for the winner of the comment contest; the following is the boring results with linked images:

The comments at the time I decided the winner ranged from 14 (which was the last comment made in February) to 146 (the first comment in February).

I went to random.org and got a random integer between 14 and 146.

The result was 84 which ended up being a comment by Beethoven. What do you know, the person who left the most comments won.

Congratulations Beethoven! You get first pick at what you want since your the winner who put the most effort in.

I picked an email address using the same method for the email subscribers. That person will get one of the two remaining prizes and I’ll notify them once I get Beethoven’s response. All I have now is an email address so I cannot release it for privacy reasons at this time. It does seem like his name is Jon since his email address is jon@xxxxxx.com.

Finally, for the feed subscriber winner… uhmmmm…..