Female Pleasure Spots REVIEW - Gabrielle Moore SCAM?

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Gabrielle Moore is a sex expert with a new program for men. It’s called Female Pleasure Spots. In it, she teaches guys about the female erogenous zones and how to pleasure them.

You may have already seen this shocking and explicit video about it, and have some questions. Is Gabrielle Moore Female Pleasure Spots worth it? Is it a scam? What do you get?

Here’s my quick Gabrielle Moore Female Pleasure Spots review.

Gabrielle Moore Female Pleasure Spots review

The program is priced under $50$10 UPDATE: For a limited time, this new special discount link gives you a $37 discount. That’s almost 80% OFF the regular price. (click here for the exact discounted price).

It includes The “Female Pleasure Spots” PDF report and bonuses. Everything is delivered digitally, so you won’t receive any packages in the mail. The PDF is professionally put together.

Women have several “erogenous zones”. When these zones are stimulated, they cause intense pleasure. Gabrielle explains the “17 female pleasure spots”. She then tells you how to touch them in the proper way to drive your woman wild in bed.

This program does a great job teaching you how to do it. But to do so, it’s VERY explicit. If seeing graphic images of women and sex acts offend you, you should obviously go elsewhere. Maybe check out Elmo on PBS instead lol.

But this program is for you if you want to know the spots on women’s bodies that turn them on.

Want some examples?

- Neck.

- Earlobes.

- Nipples.

And 14 more. Many below the belt.

Female Pleasure Spots is a well put together, reasonably pricedridiculously cheap program that I highly recommend. Get it here at the lowest available price.


In my reviews, I like to warn potential buyers of things I consider a “red flag”. So in this Female Pleasure Spots review, I want to mention any “funny business” that happens after the sale.

When you purchase the program, you are later offered a “free 15 day trial” to Gabrielle’s Naked U program. I’ve given a Naked U review in the past and it is a solid membership program.

The issue is you’ll be billed $47 per month for Naked U as long as you are a member. So that means if you agree to the free trial, you’ll get billed an ADDITIONAL $47 per month if you do not cancel your “Naked U” membership after 14 days.

The details on how to cancel it are available here. Basically, you just need to send an email to Gabrielle’s support team.

Most people will stay a member and pay for the next months Naked U course. But I just don’t want you to be surprised when you receive the bill. I always try to be honest and open to my review readers. I don’t want to lie and trick you like some of these other bogus product reviewers.

Also, Gabrielle will later try to get you to buy some of her other programs. You are not “forced” to buy more of her products, it’s only optional.

Ultimately, the fact that a lot of people will buy the subscription and other programs allows her to sell Female Pleasure Spots so darn cheap.

You can buy Female Pleasure Spots for this suspiciously low price. And if you don’t purchase any of her other subscriptions or products, it won’t cost you a dime more.

She’s hoping once you read and use Female Pleasure Spots, you’ll be impressed with her. It will lead to you having more and better sex. And you’ll want to buy more of her products. Products that are more expensive.

Female Pleasure Spots Review Conclusion

Buy it. Use it on your woman. Pleasure her erogenous zones. Drive her wild in bed. If you do sign up for the “Naked U” membership trial, cancel it in time if you don’t like it.

If you don’t like Female Pleasure Spots, take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

I think it’s easily worth the money. It works. I used the techniques on a girl I’ve been dating and she had a squirting orgasm just by me touching her pleasure spots. She gushed like a fire hydrant. I’ve had to wash my sheets 3 times in the past week LOL. ;-)

Watch the controversial video here.


Get your copy at the lowest offered discount price.

I hope you enjoyed my Gabrielle Moore Female Pleasure Spots review. Send or share it with a friend if you liked it. Thanks for reading!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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  • chike
    April 10th, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    It is nice for married couples to learn how to explore their bodies and be satisfied in their relationship

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