First Date Conversation Tips

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David Wygant is a dating coach and author of the book “Date To Win“…

Here’s his first date conversation tips


Do you get a lot of first dates, but not a lot of second dates? Why is this happening?

David Wygant first dateHas anybody ever told you that you over-talk about yourself on a date? A lot of people go out on a first date, and all they ever do is talk about themselves.

They constantly talk about themselves on a date. They are constantly talking about work, and I have to tell you men that women don’t want to constantly hear about your work when they’re on a date with you.

Women don’t want to hear about your fantasy football league. They don’t want to hear about your past and your ex-girlfriends. They don’t want to hear how bruised you were by your last relationship. Actually both sexes don’t want to hear about that.

If you do this on dates, I want you to start seeing the purpose of a first date differently. I want you to redefine what a first date is really all about.

A first date is just a way to learn more information about each other. First dates are about sharing stories and being positive. They are not about obsessing about work and bragging about your accomplishments.

Bragging is the biggest turnoff in the world. I have heard so many women complain to me about men who brag about their work accomplishments on a first date.

Men will talk about how successful they are and about the kind of car they drive, when what women really want to know is where you are emotionally. When men brag women will wonder, “Are they that materialistic? Are they that into just themselves?”

So if you are someone who brags and talks about themselves constantly on a first date, you need to rethink your first date behavior. You need to start listening, and maybe even bring a recorder along on one of your dates.

Bring a little mini-recorder along and tape the conversation that takes place on your next first date, then listen to it later and break it down on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Let a female friend listen to it and give her opinion.

If you are getting a lot of first dates but very few second dates, then it is time to really figure out how to get to the bottom of what is causing this and become more successful.

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