Flamingo Kid

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Flamingo Kid is an infrequent contributer to eSeduce and a wing to Mack Tight, the author behind eSeduce.

He started out by reading eSeduce after Mack let it slip about the site to him.

He became interested in the teachings of Mehow after seeing some of his videos on the site. His first products were the Get the Girl! Manual and Infield Exposed.

He quickly put what he learned into action with his social circle. He learned how to pass shit tests for the first time in his life. He took what he learned from Become an Alpha Male to become the alpha of his circle.

He immediately saw results with his social, career and love life thanks to what he learned from the seduction community.

He then started to expand into conquering cold approaching. He focused on approaching at unusual female rich environments.

Kid is proof that smart men can quickly learn to become better with women if they enter the seduction community with an open mind and are willing to put what they learn into immediate action.

Why is he called “Flamingo Kid”? That is a subject of a future post…

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