Flirting Texting Tips For Guys

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Here’s an article by him with some flirting texting tips for guys…

Flirting through text messaging isn’t much more different than flirting in real life… It’s just easier.

As in real life, women and men differ when it comes to text messaging.

So guess who does the approaching? Yes, men.

Us men get the number and then we initiate the conversation.

After years of coaching men on how to be successful with women, I have concluded that most men have no clue about how to text women.

What usually happens is that most men when they text women go into default mode and send messages to women like they are sending messages to friends.

Men burn themselves by sending these normal, day-to-day conversation words like…

“how are you?”
“I am out of class, that teacher was boring.”
“What are you doing?”

These messages are boring, they do nothing to women and your success with them goes down the drain.

Key point for men: you need to send messages that make women feel something.

For example: let’s change those last messages to something more flirty…

“Hey honey”
“I was just in class and the teacher there reminded me of you, except she was cuter.”
“Hey we are heading to a party, you should come?”

You don’t get on a roller coaster because it’s boring, you get on it because you know you are going to feel something.

A woman will text you and desire you if you can create that same roller coaster feeling.

Texting has become one of the most important communication devices to master if you want to become successful with women.

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