Fox’s new sitcom “Unhitched” looks bad

Fox sitcom unhitchedFox has a new sitcom that airs tonight by the Farrelly Brothers called “Unhitched”. It is about dating in your 30s.

Here is the beginning paragraph for the description on Fox’s site:

“Dating in your 20s is like going to the farmers’ market – if you get there early, there’s plenty of fruit, all ripe, juicy and yours for the taking. But dating in your 30s is like getting there at closing time. The remaining fruit has been sitting in the sun all day. It’s been dropped, squeezed and handled by a thousand different people.”

Who writes this shit?!?

It is quite possibly one of the most ignorant similes that I have ever read. On top of that, there’s nothing dumber than insulting your target demographic.

Anyone who reads this blog knows my view on age and can guess how I would pick apart that paragraph so I’ll save you all the time and just give you a more fitting simile for this show:

“The Farrelly Brothers’ comedy is like fruit in the farmers’ market - back in the 90’s their movies were fresh and juicy but now they are tired and suck and they have to resort to a TV show that no one will buy and will be thrown in the garbage in a matter of weeks.”

OK, maybe it wasn’t the best simile but you get the drift icon_smile.gif

If you want watered down fart, sodomy, fecal and body fluid jokes that have already been done a million times before check it out.

I admit this humor does well because it is the lowest level and thus accommodates the biggest audience but I prefer more sophisticated and original comedy.

You can download full episodes at Amazon and at Unhitched - Unhitched, Season 1.