Funniest Pick Up Line Used On A Hooters Girl (Video)

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Hooters apparently got some of there girls to make super cheesy videos telling the worst or funniest pick up line used on them…

Here’s Victoria from Myrtle Beach with hers…

The last time I went to a Hooters, it was in El Paso and 3 of the waitresses had shirts saying “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!”… true story.

In reality, picking up Hooters girls is a cross between picking up waitresses/bartenders (ofter referred to as “hired guns”) and strippers…

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Since I’m from Wisconsin, I had to share Hooters Girl Rachel from Madison, WI telling her incredibly deep thought of the day…

That’s some intellectual shit Rachel… we’re talking bird bath deep.

I guess I need to move my ass a hour and a half to the west, because here in Milwaukee… the hooters girls have smaller tits than me and still manage to fuck up my damn order every time.

Oh well, at least they’re not McPregnant here ;-)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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