Funny Amazon Review and the Importance of Good Bed Sheets

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If you don’t have high thread count sheets, it might be a wise investment…

I’m all about getting girls comfortable once they enter my place, and that includes having a kick ass bed and sheets

Just don’t get these Christopher Adams 1600 thread count sheets according to Elbert Cheng…

He made a funny review for them on Amazon

Here’s a sample of it:

These are the AIDS of bedding. If you have these sheets on your bed when you bring someone home from the club, they will simply bounce off the anti-sex force field these emit. Sleeping on a pile of used maxi-pads and rusty nails would be a more comfortable and rational proposition… An hourly-rate motel catering to meth heads and 10 dollar hookers wouldn’t be caught dead using these sheets. When I first opened up the package I started speaking in tongues and got the stigmata

Holy shit!

That review was not very politically correct (the full review is even worse)… yet it’s still undeniably awesome!

I even had to search google to find out what the “stigmata” was…

So thanks to Elbert, my search for new sheets continues…

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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