Funny Facebook Friday: Hey Neil Strauss, I’ve Got A Peacocking Problem!

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Every Friday, I find one funny pickup artist related Facebook post and give my 2 cents about it.

Since Neil Strauss is getting married tomorrow, I decided to troll his Facebook wall for public comments left for him. Needless to say, I struck gold.

A guy I’ll refer to as “D.N.” left this amazing comment:

Peacocking Problem

Seriously D.N., are you trying to avoid some comma royalty fee that I’m not familiar with? Is there some kind of comma shortage where you’re from? I guess what I’m trying to say is: USE FUCKING COMMAS DILLWEED!

OK, I’m taking off my grammar police badge now…

So is Neil Strauss STILL advocating to his students to do ridiculous peacocking? This is 2013 for fucksake, not 2003. Hasn’t it been widely agreed upon in the “seduction community” for quite a while now that guys wearing “space goggles” to clubs is fucking stupid?

Face/Off filmAnd what the fuck are “face transfers”? Do you actually transfer your face like in that kick ass late 90’s John Travolta & Nicolas Cage flick “Face/Off”?

I did some googling, and it seems like “face transfers” are temporary face tattoos. And I’m not talking Mike Tyson, Lil Wayne or prison gang face tattoos… I’m talking bedazzled Vegas showgirl and go-go dancer temporary face ‘tattoos’. Now that’s “alpha”!

I love how this dude is running around night clubs looking like a super effeminate Richard Simmons and throwing handfuls of glitter & pixie dust into the air and his only self-perceived “serious problem” is that “almost all bars ask me to remove the mystery inspired goggles”.

Dude, you are FUCKED! Neil Strauss, or some other “pickup guru”, is playing a cruel joke on you. Believe it or not, MILLIONS of guys are getting laid on a nightly basis WITHOUT having to dress like a gay court jester. Dressing in a way that catches a girl’s attention is one thing… wearing “make-up” and “bright blue leopard print jumpers” is another. You are not Redfoo from LMFAO.

LMFAOI personally do not want to be in a club where they let jackasses like you WEAR “space goggles”. These establishment are trying to attract high quality, classy male patrons and hot girls, thus the dress code. They simply have no interest in catering to attention seeking douchebags who are wearing tacky crap bought at a “Party City” store.

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Have a good weekend everyone!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. - Why is D.N.’s facebook profile pic him standing next to some other dude? Your profile pic should be either you, you & a girl, or you and a group… NEVER you embraced with some other dude looking all serious!

P.P.S. - Everything in this post is of my opinion.

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