Gabrielle Moore Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts REVIEW - $40 DISCOUNT!

Gabrielle Moore is a sex expert with a new program for men. It’s called Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts. In it, she teaches guys how to… wait for it… give girls squirting orgasms.

You may have already seen this shocking and explicit video about it, and have some questions. Is it worth it? Is it a scam? What do you get?

Here’s my quick Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts review.

The program is priced under $50$30$5 UPDATE: This new special 2018 Holiday discount link gives you over a $20$40 discount (click here for the exact price).

It includes The “Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts” Video Program, The “Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts” Manual, The “Open Her Up” Manual, The “Orgasmic Rocket Fuel” Guide, “G-Spot Orgasms” Video Program And Naked-U Free Trial.

Everything is delivered digitally, so you won’t receive any packages in the mail.

The video and PDF is professionally put together. The girls are HOT in it, especially the “teacher” Abi/Abby. Don’t believe me, click here to see her butt naked. She’s probably the hottest girl I’ve seen in a program like this.

Getting a girl to have a squirting orgasm is the pinnacle of being amazing in bed. This program does a great job teaching you how to do it.

It’s VERY explicit. If seeing naked people perform sex acts is going to offend you, go elsewhere. But this program is for you if you want to see in graphic detail what needs to be done to make her squirt.

Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts is a well put together, reasonably priced program that I highly recommend. Get it here at the cheapest available price.


In my reviews, I like to warn potential buyers of things I consider a “red flag”. So in this Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts review, I want to bring to your attention a “free trial”.

When you purchase the program, you automatically get signed up for a “free 15 day trial” to Gabrielle’s Naked U program. I’ve given a Naked U review in the past and it is a solid membership program.

The issue is you’ll be billed $47 per month for Naked U as long as you are a member. So that means you’ll get billed an ADDITIONAL $47 if you do not cancel your “Naked U” membership after 14 days.

The details on how to cancel it are available here. Basically, you just need to send an email to Gabrielle’s support team.

Most people will stay a member and pay for the next months Naked U course. But I just don’t want you to be surprised when you receive the bill. I always try to be honest and open to my review readers. I don’t want to lie and trick you like some of these other bogus product reviewers.

Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts Review Conclusion

Buy it. Use it on your woman. Make her squirt. If you don’t like the “Naked U” membership, cancel it.

If you don’t like Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts, take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.

I think it’s easily worth the money. It works. I used the techniques on a girl I’ve been dating and she gushed like a fire hydrant. I’ve had to wash my sheets 3 times in the past week LOL. ;-)

Watch the controversial video here.


Get your copy at the lowest offered discount price.

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Gabrielle Moore Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts review