Gary Coleman, the former King of AFCs, finally gets married to Shannon Price

gary coleman marries shannon priceThinking about Gary Coleman used to make me feel better about myself back when I was an AFC and was feeling depressed about my life. Rather it was the lack of sex or the downward direction of my career, my life was still going better than Gary’s.

Gary Coleman was an enigma.

He was a famous child actor but while Danny Bonaduce and Scott Baio used it to their advantage to get ass, Gary remained a virgin into his 30’s (he should have read Double Your Dating).

Sure Gary is short but look at the ass Verne Troyer (AKA “Mini-Me”) got. Gary had him beat by two feet!

Any how, it seems at the age of 40 Gary is finally getting some ass. The former “Diff’rent Strokes” star got married to a 22 year-old named Shannon Price in Nevada. He admits that this is his first intimate relationship.

Better late than never! Congrats to them both.

Proof once again height and age differences can be overcome.

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