Get your priorities in life straight: Part 1: Women

I realized earlier today that I could name four actors or actresses from Disney’s “High School Musical” movies but I could not name the last Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Later, I could not recall my Mom’s middle name for a banking application but when I walked around the block at lunch with my iPod on shuffle I could rap every lyric of Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” word for word.

Where the fuck are my priorities?

For years I concerned myself with the success of others. When the Packers or Badgers lost a game, I felt like shit inside. When my favorite rapper went platinum I popped some champagne in celebration. I even watched “The Bachelorette” religiously and rooted for Ryan to get the final rose from Trista.

I did all this yet I wasn’t the least bit concerned about the fact that I was not successful with women. This was the one thing that I listed that I actually had control over and that directly effected me yet I was still more engrossed by firefighter Ryan’s love life than my own.

I finally reprioritized myself just as many of you did. I will not go into greater detail in this post because this whole blog is about my journey.

Women should be a high priority in your life but they should share time with others.

My next priority is money

(Every Thursday for the next few weeks I will add another part to this article about prioritizing your life)