Mehow Group Attraction is back with a new more affordable option

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Mehow pulled his Group Attraction program off the market for a few weeks after the launch (something I find incredibly annoying).

Now it is back and he has even provided a new option to get a smaller edition of it for under $200.

At launch, you only had the options to pay $497 for all the books, DVDs and CDs or $597 if paid in payments.

Now he has those options along with a new option where you can get just the two book volumes along with the Get The Girl! Manual ebook and the Infield Insider DVD for $197.

I think this proves that the $500 price point targeted by Group Attraction, Venusian Arts Revelation and Thundercat’s Pure Personality is just TOO… DAMN… MUCH in this current economy of ours.

You can order Mehow Group Attraction Manifesto by clicking here

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