Stop being so defensive against criticism

When I was an AFC I was the most insecure person on this earth.  If anyone would be even the least bit critical of me I would become totally defensive.

Often girls would shit test me and instead of handling it properly in a cool and confident manner I would immediately become defensive and show that I was irritated.   I lost that shit test!

When you become defensive you show that you are insecure.   Women are not attracted to insecure guys.

Once I had a girl pat me on my head and tell me I had helmet hair.  I became enraged and pushed her hand from my hair.  How dare she criticize my awesome hair, that bitch!

She was right though.  I used globs and globs of the stiffest mega hold hair gel I could find.  My hair must have looked like it was molded from plastic.  I now use hairspray.

Not only was she shit testing me in which I failed miserably; she was also giving me sound advice that I was too bullheaded to listen to.