How To Set Realistic Self Improvement Goals

get laid more slowlyIf you want to become better with women… the key is to set realistic goals.

I see so many of these pickup gurus talk about going out 7 nights per week, approaching 10 girls per night and banging 10 girls each month… but is that realistic?

I see a lot of guys get into pickup and create unrealistic expectations. They want too much too fast. This gets them discouraged and they usually quit.

Here’s my suggestion, take whatever you’re achieving now… add one to it and make that your goal…

So if you’re going out zero nights per week… set a goal of going out one night per week.

If you’re approaching no girls at all… try approaching one per day.

And don’t worry about how many girls you have sex with. If you approach more women, that number is bound to go up.

There will be less stress on your shoulders. You’ll have more fun. You’ll have more linear and sustainable progress.

Think of two guys trying to lose weight. One goes on a crash diet and loses 10 pounds in a week, but gains it all back and then some within a month.

The other guy eats a bit healthier and exercises a little more and only loses 1 lb per month. But at the end of the year, he’ll lose 12lbs while the guy who started quick will lose nothing.

If you can go full boar into pickup and sustain it, more power to you. But I consider those guys the exception and not the norm.

Hope this helps…

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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