Hayley Quinn: Good Vs CREEPY Ways to APPROACH Girls

Hayley Quinn is a female dating instructor who Ross Jeffries seems to be going ape shit over lately.

Maybe it’s because her name is just one letter off from his favorite comic book villain wet dream, HaRley Quinn.

I kid. Actually, good ol’ Ross seems to ass kiss any attractive female dating coach who hops on the scene.

I digress. Any way, here’s a video of Harley Quinn… I mean Hayley Quinn… talking about how guys creep girls out when they approach and pursue them:

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==>> Mack’s Opinion On This:

I agree with what she said. In most cases, it’s better to be clear to her what you’re objective is. You can tone it down and tell her that you find her “interesting”. It works a lot better than doing the “try to weasel your way in” nice guy approach.

I think that’s the issue with a lot of the “old school” pick up artist advice.

You had a bunch of “nice guys” wanting to learn how to become good with women. They had anxiety problems. They had confidence issues. They “played it safe” around women.

Then these pickup gurus told them to be “indirect”. To use convoluted “opinion openers” and talk over your shoulder to girls.

That’s the OPPOSITE of the advice these guys really needed. They needed to be taught how to grow some BALLS and tell girls that they found them attractive. They needed to ask girls for dates. They needed to STOP hee-hawing around and being asexual “guy friend” PUSSIES.

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