I need to find a dentist with some hot assistants

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I used to get my haircut at the major franchise places for $15 for most of my college life. What I usually got was a gay guy or a fat middle-aged woman who had her gut pressing against me during the length of my haircut. I do not throw money around but for how seldom I get a haircut I decided it was worth paying twice as much to go to a salon and have an attractive woman cut my hair. Not only does it make the haircut more enjoyable, you also get a better haircut.

I moved to Milwaukee and after getting my dental insurance I decided it might be wise for me to see a dentist for the first time in ten years. I called around until I found a dentist with less than a three month wait.

Sure enough, I had a mouth full of cavities and I needed fillings. Having someone drill at your mouth sucks bad enough. It sucks worse when the dentist is geriatric age and his assistant looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch down and then He-Man picked her up and threw her back up in it. She would not shut the fuck up about the Meerkat Manor show on the Discovery Channel.

Life is too short. Next Monday I’m going to be scouting for a new dentist.

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