How Facebook Makes You MISERABLE..

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Facebook can make you MISERABLE. So suggests a study from the University of Copenhagen.

According to this BBC article, excessive social media use can create feelings of envy and depression. They particularly take aim at “lurking”.

Let’s face it, people jump at the chance to makes status updates about themselves partying, buying new cars, getting job promotions, and traveling. It creates “unrealistic social comparisons”. Basically, you compare your life to their “portrayed” life and you end up feeling like shit.

Any time you compare your life to someone else’s, it’s a losing battle. You need to only focus on your own life and doing what you can to better it.

The study suggests using social media to interact and not “lurk”. That makes sense. The same goes for real life. If you go to a night club, interact with others. Don’t be the creepy guy by himself in the corner gawking at everyone.

The moral of the story is to:

1) not compare yourself to others
2) be social

Also, if using social media makes you feel bad.. stop using it! The study suggests taking a week vacation from it.

It’s casual,
-Mack Tight

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