How Fifty Shades Of Grey Can Get You LAID

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It seems like every girl is obsessed with “Fifty Shades Of Grey“…

But did you know the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy (and erotic books like it) can help get men LAID?

Here’s an article by Christian Hudson of The Social Man about how you can use plots of these books to figure out what women really want in a man…

And use it to have your devious sexual ways with the girl of your dreams >;-)


Hey guys, Christian here.

Fifty Shades Of GreyLike a lot of guys, I used to think that if I wanted a great girl in my life, I needed certain things like…
- a nice car
- good looks
- chiseled abs

… and so on.

It made me really anxious and nervous to go talk to girls, because I didn’t have any of those things for the first 24 years of my life.

So I bought into the lie, and worked to get them. And by 24, I was running a business, had a lot of money, and a pretty chiseled body.

But women still didn’t like me.

I could usually get a girl out on one date, but that was about it.

There were a series of embarrassing dates with this one girl, and she broke my heart so badly that I decided I needed to “get this fixed.”

So I studied the “pickup artist” stuff after that, but it always felt fake and weird to me. So by the age of 26, I felt like my beliefs about “what women want” had been beaten to a bloody pulp.

Women said they wanted one thing…

PUAs and dating coaches said something else…

all I knew was that I was struggling to get girls to like me enough to be my girlfriend.

Until I discovered something called ‘literotica’.

It’s basically the female version of, er… naked photos and videos. You know. The “P” word.

Turns out that as many women buy literotica books every year as there are men who subscribe to adult websites.

* Hundreds of millions *

It’s the #1 product category on Amazon’s ebook story.

Take for example the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” trilogy. It’s the hottest selling book series since Harry Potter!

Just about EVERY woman who CAN get their hands on it does. When I learned this, I knew that it must hold a key to female psychology that I’d never understood before.

So what did I learn from literotica?

Well, there’s basically an “obsession story” that is in every book. Every time a woman falls in love with a man, it basically follows the same story line.

And this patten was in EVERY BOOK.

I did some research into evolutionary biology and learned that women are basically “programmed” to fall for this story. It fulfills biological needs that go much deeper than her “social” programming.

That’s why these books are so popular… they tap directly into a woman’s primitive “reptile brain” and deliver big doses of the good stuff that makes her brain go “mmmmm”.

In fact, when women say they want money, looks and abs… well, frankly, they’re lying to themselves.

And to you.

Don’t blame them. Those are the things that society tells them are attractive. Society wants to sell you gym memberships, Rolex watches, and BMWs.

But as someone who had all of those things… and still couldn’t land a great girl… trust me – those things don’t actually fulfill a woman’s deepest needs.

We’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg here. I’d love to tell you more about what I discovered, how this “obsession story” really works, and show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes:

~~> So watch this free video to learn how to get laid using literotica “obsession stories”.

Rock and roll,

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