How High Of A Priority Should Meeting Women Be In Your Life?

Here’s my first audio answer to a reader’s question. If you have a question about dating, relationship or picking up women ask it on my Facebook page. I might answer it in a future audio answer.

Ryan asks:

The books that teach men how to meet women tell you that meeting women should never be a priority in your life. Well here is my question- if meeting women is not important then why are so many books written on the subject? Why are guys charged thousands of dollars by pick up artists to learn to meet women??It does not make sense to me

Here’s my answer (click the video to make the audio play):



As you can tell by my trail of f-bombs in the audio, questions like this really annoy me. This is just a guy with anxiety trying to buy time with a theorized question. He knows the real issue is that he needs to grow a pair of balls and start approaching hot women. But he’s scared. So instead of facing the true issue in his life, he takes the pussy way out and wants to argue with me about irrelevant theory.

Who fucking cares about that shit!

Sure, you should probably have supplemental hobbies and interests in your life. You shouldn’t just live, eat & shit “pickup”. But isn’t that fucking obvious?

I humored him. I bit on his bullshit question and gave him a solid logical answer. I really shouldn’t have though.

If you have “approach anxiety”… or social anxiety… or you’re just too nervous to talk to people you don’t know - you need to get that shit straightened out before you start diving into advanced pickup routines. Otherwise you’re just going to end up like the hundreds of jaded anti-pua trolls who waste their time talking shit about Love Systems on online forums rather than getting laid.

Here’s some helpful articles & resources:

- How to Stop Being Shy Around Women

- How to Be Fearless Around Gorgeous Women

- Why Approach Anxiety Makes You “Creepy”

Deep down you know what your real issues are. Deal with them. Don’t get sidetracked. Step into the tunnel. Face your pain. Fix it. And come out the other end as a new man with bitches on your jock ;-)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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