How NOT To Get Your Ex Back (FUNNY VIDEO)

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Apparently, a man saw his ex-girlfriend in a Chick Fil A with a new man… and he decided he wanted to win her back by confronting him…

But things went drastically wrong. Check out the video below:

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Hilarious! The guy gets all aggressive and alpha male with the new guy. Then he gets his ass handed to him. And then he screams his ex girlfriends name like a little bitch as she leaves with the other guy…

If you want to get your ex back without looking like this chump, check out this free video that tells you about using three simple text messages to get your ex back.

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P.S. The main guy talking in the video above is Korey Coleman. I’ve been a huge fan of him and his fellow colleagues since the days. You should check out their new “Double Toasted” site for funny reviews of movies, podcasts and more. I highly recommend it.

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