How NOT to React When Someone Makes Fun of You

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How should you react when someone makes fun of you?

There’s 5 choices:

1) Get angry, say nothing
2) Get angry, make a spiteful retort
3) Laugh it off, give them props
4) Laugh it off, return a witty jab while smiling
5) Completely ignore it

Of those options, 1 + 2 are how NOT to react when someone makes fun of you.

Well, Danica Patrick did not follow this advice when Jay Mohr “roasted” her at a recent awards ceremony.

This was Jay’s 2nd time hosting the event. Everyone should have expected some “ribbing” from him. Especially Danica.

Instead of laughing at Jay’s jokes (no matter how lame they were), she got all pouty and pissy. She obviously couldn’t take a joke. You need to be able to laugh at yourself. That comes with being self-confident.

When it comes to dating and picking up girls, never get angry or defensive when someone teases or makes fun of you. Calibrate the situation and react accordingly. Either laugh it off or ignore it completely.

Never let it corrupt your positive mindset & frame.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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P.P.S. - Jay Mohr is married to Nikki Cox. Remember her? I had a total boner for her back in the 90s. I googled her now and she looks like a Muppet. I get nose & boob jobs, buy why do women do this to their face & lips? She’s only in her mid-30s.

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