How To Act When A Woman Likes You by David Deangelo

Double Your DatingHere’s David DeAngelo, author of Double Your Dating, with part 2 of how to act when a woman likes you…

And all you Star Wars fans keep an eye out for David’s many references…

How To Act When A Woman Likes You: Part 2
by David Deangelo

OK, last time we talked about how to recognize if a woman likes you and how not to blow it like most guys do…

So now let’s talk about the RIGHT way to handle this type of situation.

Remember when I said that it’s the TENSION that makes a woman feel the feelings and make the comments?

And that you need to AMPLIFY it when you’re getting a positive response?


Once upon a time, there was a scene in a movie that illustrated this concept PERFECTLY.

In fact, it might be the all-time greatest example of this principle that has ever been recorded on film.

Remember the end of “The Empire Strikes Back,” when they were about to put Han Solo into the deep freeze?

Remember when Leia said, “I love you”…?

Remember what Han said?

Right, he said… “I know.”


All of the sexual tension that built up in Star Wars and Empire culminated in Leia confessing her love.

And Han says, “I know.”


Imagine being Leia. What could be going through her mind at this point?

An answer like this isn’t easy to understand. It has all kinds of implications.

It’s confusing.

It says, “I know you love me, because it’s been obvious for a long time….” But, it doesn’t let HER know how he feels exactly. It requires consideration. It dials up the tension. It’s amazing.

By the way, I read that when they were filming that scene, Han was supposed to answer, “I love you too,” but the director didn’t like it. They tried all kinds of things, and in the end Harrison Ford made up that line on the spot in one of the takes… and they kept it. Nice.

By the way, one of the BIG reasons why the newer movies in the Star Wars series suck is because there is no character like Han… think about it. It’s all boring, predictable stuff. There’s no sexy, arrogant, funny, wildcard personality messing things up.

Like I pointed out after I saw “Attack Of The Clones,” Anakin had to kill an ENTIRE VILLAGE of Sand People just to convince Princess A. that he wasn’t a complete and total Wuss. Would have been so much easier and more entertaining if he would have just had a PERSONALITY.


Now, where was I…?

Oh, yeah… amplifying the sexual tension…

If you’re out with a woman, and you tease her because she’s wearing four inch heels by saying
“What’s the deal, are you four feet tall without those?”, and she opens her mouth with the classic “Oh no you didn’t” look (smiling of course, with that surprised smile)… and you dial it up to the next level with “Oh, I’m sorry…Four foot three?”… and she hits you on the arm…

…and then she stops, puts her hand on your arm, and says, “You know, you’re funny”…

…what do you do?

YOU SAY, “YEAH, I KNOW”… in a serious tone.

Or “Don’t try to use compliments to make me like you. It won’t work. Go buy me a drink or something… I prefer gifts and money.”

Or look down at her hand on your arm, lean back slightly, turn your head, and put your eyebrows together as if to say “Just WHAT do you think you’re doing touching me?!”

TURN IT UP, my friend!

You TURN UP the tension.


Keep it going.

If you keep amplifying the tension and attraction at each of these wonderful moments, good things will happen.

Good stuff.

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Your Friend,

David DeAngelo