How To Attract Women By Creating A Sense Of INTRIGUE by Paul Janka

Paul JankaPaul Janka is the author of Attraction Formula. Expect another one of my priceless ball-busting reviews for it in the near future… I’m going to kick it down the stairs and then throw it back up them!

In the mean time, here’s an article by Paul on how to “create intrigue” by basically just leaving them as soon as you get their number…

How To Create A Sense Of INTRIGUE To Attract Women
By Paul Janka

One of the biggest mistakes men make when picking up women is to try to impress them with stories. They talk about how much money they have, how “cool” they are, or they attempt humor with the intention to advance their own value proposition.

As I talk about in all my materials, women present their value upfront. A hot girl walking down the street on a spring day in a frilly yellow dress projects everything a man needs to know about her initial attractiveness as a woman.

A man tends to believe that in order to counter this amazing beauty who’s initializing his launch sequence with her frilliness, he needs to present an equal upfront value in terms of what he says to her.

But as I explain in DVD 1 of Beyond The Digits, a man creates a much more solid first impression by generating a sense of intrigue. A somewhat enigmatic man who doesn’t share everything about himself touches off a woman’s attraction instincts.

To spark intrigue, keep the interaction short. Get in and get out with the digits. Don’t tell your life story. Don’t try to be Dane Cook. Humor is okay as long as it’s light. You want to breeze in and breeze out, causing her to ask herself, “Who WAS that man?”

You want her thinking about you the rest of the day. Intrigue takes time to simmer. Later, when her phone lights up with a text message from you, she will remember the excitement of the brief encounter. Your chances of meeting up with her are much higher than if you had spent an hour at Starbucks telling her stories.

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To The Good Life,
Paul Janka