How to Avoid Fights in a Nightclub, Bar or Pub

Have you ever been at a bar hitting on girls when some guy comes and tries to start shit with you?

Shy guys often won’t approach girls in fear that she might have a big boyfriend who will beat them up.

Confrontations occasionally happen, but the likelihood of them turning physical is extremely rare. But if it does, here’s some great bar fighting tips:

So let’s sum up his advice:

1) Don’t get drunk yourself
2) Just ignore or avoid aggressive/bravado behavior
3) Remain calm
4) Create distance by pushing him or using surroundings
5) Remember: Fights get broken up quick

From my personal experience, my alcohol intake had the greatest influence on me getting into fights. There’s reciprocal effects to being drunk too. It clouds your judgement.

It’s always best to walk away from a fight. Take the girl with you when you do. If you are forced to fight in an isolated, non-controlled environment (no bouncers, friends or police around)… go 110% and fight dirty. There’s no referees when your life is in danger.

But in all reality, fights and getting jumped can happen even if you’re NOT hitting on girls. I once got into a fight at a grocery store with some asshole. Shit happens. Don’t let it make you live your life in fear.

Stay sober & smart and you’ll have little to worry about.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight