How To Avoid Getting Beat Up When Picking Up Girls

Guys who have approach anxiety seem to have an irrational fear of getting beat up. They think just by talking to a girl in a night club, it will trigger some huge muscular guy to come kick their ass.

I estimate that I’ve went out to bars or parties at least 3000 nights of my life. I’ve hit on thousands of girls. I’ve had physical altercations only a handful of times and got my ass kicked once.

These fights were not the result of angry boyfriends. Usually the boyfriends just puff their chest or pull their girl away from you. The fights I was in were solely caused by my own stupidity.

These are the two things that really caused problems for me…

1.) Alcohol

A lot of guys with social anxiety use alcohol to self medicate themselves. Sure, it’s a social lubricant in moderation… but I often binge drank.

Being drunk clouds your judgement. It makes you run your mouth. It can also make you an easy target for someone trying to start shit. In all of my cases, I was the one starting shit while in a drunken stupor.

I’ve learned the hard way that alcohol should be used sparingly or avoided. I realized I needed to get over my anxiety without the help of the bottle. Beer & liquor caused more problems than good.

2.) Ego/Pride

There’s a time and place to take a stand in life to defend your pride… and it’s not when there’s a 6′2″ 250lb pissed-off guy snorting at you.

It’s best just to keep your mouth shut, swallow your ego and walk away. It should be a total no-brainer when there’s no money or pussy in the mix.

You really need to pick your battles in life. I feel that a lot of times in my past I got worked up over nothing, yet also was too passive when it really mattered.

how to avoid getting beat upSo, in conclusion…

Alcohol + Ego = Fights

If you keep your alcohol consumption reasonable and your ego in check, you’ll avoid 90% of potential fights. Be smart and calibrated and you’ll avoid most heated confrontations.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight