How to Be Assertive with Women

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Let me ask you a question… are you “assertive” around women?

Do you ask them out right away or are you scared? If you do ask them out, do you set a time and a place or are you vague? Do you ask questions like “where do you want to go” or “what do you want to do” rather than lead with an upfront suggestion of your own? Do you take charge or are you looking for someone to follow?

Indecisive wishy-washy guys are NOT attractive to women. You need to make instant decisions and go with your gut instinct.

This is something I had a MAJOR issue with. I’d never have the balls to ask a girl out on a date. When I did grow a pair, I’d ask if she wanted to “go out sometime”. I wanted to set a time and place, but was always scared she wouldn’t like it.

The burden of taking action falls upon your shoulders. Hot women already have TONS of assertive guys hammering them for dates and rolling out the red carpet for them. They are not going to take the reins and pave you a yellow brick road to their vagina.

Some of your decisions will be bad. Being assertive may put you in a position to get rejected. But you’ll learn as you go along. More and more of your decisions will be good.

So grow a pair, tell a girl what you want to do and start living the life of a “boss”.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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