How To Be Single And Happy

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If you are unhappy about being single, here’s an article by David Wygant that should cheer you up…


David Wygant first dateA lot of you bitch and complain about being single.

It is just really shitty mind set as far as I am concerned.

Being single is great.

No one to answer to.

You never have to change anything about yourself that you don’t want to.

You can go on the type of vacations that you want.

Most importantly, you never have to change the car seat because someone else drove your car.

And you don’t have to bitch and complain because they left stuff in the sink.

Being single is wonderful.

It means it gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want.

Maybe do whoever you want.

Date whoever you want.

Experience whoever you want.

Being single means that you have the opportunity to go out there and meet people and figure out what you want out of a relationship.

It gives you the opportunity not to screw up and get involved in a bad relationship, because you know you are on a path right now to figure out who you are.

Being single is phenomenal.

So the next time you hear somebody bitch and complain about being single, give them this blog and tell it is some of the best times of your life.

It is all mind set folks.

It is all attitude.

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Until next time…

Your friend,

David Wygant

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