How to become a ladies man

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By Cory Skyy

There are two things that separate guys that are ladies men from guys that are not: they think and they do things differently. It is that simple.

If you truly want to become a ladies man than you need to have an extremely clear picture of where you are going and what a ladies’ man is like. Many guys have said, ‘I want to date several different women,’ and have no idea what this lifestyle actually looks like. The one thing you can be sure of is it’s definitely not your current lifestyle only with several women in it –it doesn’t work that way. You need to change your entire lifestyle.

You need to look at how guys that are great with women live, start to think like them, and start doing the things they do. No, you do not have to be them; you are your own person and you will develop your own style. Every man has what it takes to be a ladies man, but society teaches us to hide that man deep inside us and to abide by its bullsh*t rules.

So what does a sexually desirable guy look like? What makes him so different? What is it that he has that women are so attracted to? I can tell you one thing; great looks and six pack abs only takes you so far.

Here are some characteristics that true ladies men have…

· They are real, authentic, and genuine.
· They do not look for anyone else’s approval.
· They live in the moment, and are not outcome oriented.
· They are spontaneous and totally random.
· They are confident and get respect naturally where ever they go.
· They own there space.
· They are comfortable with whom they are.
· They have a solid belief that they can have what they want.
· They are extremely comfortable talking to guys and girls.
· They do not have a big ego.
· They have respect for other guys that are great with women.
· They are not afraid of living on the edge.
· They are not afraid to speak their mind.
· They are not afraid to do stupid shit and laugh about it.
· They do not care what others think.
· They do not allow others to influence who they are and what they do.
· They love themselves andtake care of themselves.
· They love what they see when they look in the mirror.
· They are sexy full time (being sexy is not a part time job) because it is there lifestyle.
· They use their eyes to speak a thousand words.
· They understand that attraction is not a choice –it’s there or it’s not.
· They pay attention when a women talks to them.
· They love women.
· They have goals for themselves -not others.
· They live for themselves.
· They don’t let the little things in life bother them.
· They are natural leaders.
· They go out often and enjoy meeting new people and love just going out and having fun.

If you are really serious about becoming a ladies man then you need to work on developing these qualities for yourself. These are many of the qualities that women melt over. The list may seem far out there for some people and not for others. Either way I recommend you look over the list several times and begin to work on the areas you are lacking in.

Make this your new lifestyle

Remember that if you do not have the end result of what you want in mind you will never get there.

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I would like for you to really think about these characteristics because it will all make sense to you once you listen to my audio program.

Take care,

Cory Skyy
(Life Coach)

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