How To Become More Interesting To Women

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Here’s an article by AFC Adam Lyons on
how to become more interesting to women


How To Become More Interesting To WomenHey Mate,

Some people are just more interesting. For
others, all they need is their desk job, a
small group of normal friends, and enough
freedom to hit the bars on the weekends.

Okay, that’s great, but there are others of
us that just don’t find satisfaction in a
simple lifestyle. Fortunately, women are
drawn to interesting men.

Why wouldn’t they be? They get tired of the
standard man who approaches them every night
and fills up their phone with text messages.
They want someone who brings something new to
life, and you are going to cultivate an
interesting personality, so you will be that man.

Develop Hobbies

The number one thing that comes to mind about
how to become more interesting to women is
to have hobbies.

That seems like a boring word. It seems like
an ordinary word. But the word hobby covers
such a broad range of activities it is anything
but boring.

What are some hobbies you can think of?

There are many that lend themselves to creating
a great identity, keep your life interesting for
yourself, and create value.

Rock climbing, scuba diving, painting, playing
guitar, singing, and poker all come to mind as
hobbies that intrigue people.

Not only do these add depth to your life and make
it more fulfilling to you, but they give you more
to discuss with other people.

Also, they keep you busy so you are not always
following women around who aren’t showing anything
in return. When your own life is fascinating,
you don’t need others to supplicate you.

Make Friendships with Interesting People

One of the easiest ways to become more interesting
is to associate with more interesting people.

This might seem harsh, but it doesn’t have to be.
You don’t need to go through your friends deleting
them like you’re cleaning out your friends list on
Facebook. Just start to bring others into your
life who are out of the ordinary, inspiring, or

Look for people who remind you more of what you
want to be because they will encourage you to grow
in the directions you already desire.

Making new friendships will sometimes cause you to
grow apart from old friends, but you might be
surprised how some of your old friends take to the

As they spend more time with your new friends and
an evolving you, they might start to evolve as well.

Having a mixed social circle is an intriguing trait
in itself. No one who shows up at one of your
dinners parties will be bored because there will be
such a broad range of people to talk to.

People who have traveled the world. People who play
in a band. People who dance ballet and don’t drink.
People who believe wine is the sole reason for living.
Interesting people inspire you.

Have Goals

If you want to learn how to be more interesting to women,
you should have a dream.

Ambitious dreamers can never stop being excited about
what is in store. Ask some people their future plans
and they start talking about the coming weekend, which
is going to be just like their previous weekend.

You should have a dream that would make anyone salivate,
and you should pursue it. Don’t just talk, and if you
do, don’t talk about it too much. Get out there and live

Educate Yourself

Reading and expanding your knowledge is a great way to
add some juice to your social life. Even keeping up
on current affairs is great for conversations in any
crowd, though it’s usually a good idea to stay away
from politics and religion.

Intelligent people often have a richer experience of
life and see the world from multiple perspectives.

It is a fine balance though–you cannot focus so much
on mental stimulation that you let your social life

In fact, socially adept people are commonly far more
intelligent then you realize, and human interaction
is great for mental stimulation.


One of the main ways to evolve as a person, have
interesting things to talk women about, and keep your
life experience alive is world travel. In fact, this is
a great way to escape the recession if you can find
ways to pay your way on the road.

Before you think this is only for the rich, think again.
Life on the road is cheap by following a budget and
leveraging currency differences in some of the most
amazing places on Earth. And there are plenty of women
from all over the world to meet on the travel circuits.

A lot of people think this is only for irresponsible 20
year olds or retired businessmen. Not a chance. From
English teachers to freelance writers to poker players
to internet marketers, more and more people are using
technology and a changing work force to create the mobile
lifestyle. With that kind of experience, who needs to be
interesting to others?

Being interesting is a vague, relative concept; therefore,
these tips might seem the same.

That’s fine.

My point is that life does not have to be as basic and
boring as so many people make it, and with a more complex
life you create a dynamic personality.

It makes your world more valuable than anything you can
find outside yourself, and when women get a peek at what
being involved with you means for their horizon, they
will be attracted.

Everyone wants more than their current life. Go out there
and get it, and they will want to be guided by you to do
the same.

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-Adam Lyons

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