How To Build Rapport With A Girl FAST!

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Here’s a quick article by the popular pick-up artist Jon Sinn about
how to build rapport with a girl fast…


A major tool in building immediate
chemistry with women is the idea of
Roll Playing

Role playing does a couple things at once.

First, it assumes a special relationship
between the two of you. You’re making her
your space princess, or your girlfriend
for the next five minutes, or you’re going
to take her on a romantic date or shrink
down in explore caverns with her.

Whatever it is, it’s assuming that there
is a relationship which is the first step
to actually having a relationship ironically

Another thing it does is it gets women out
of the here and now. Instead of thinking:
I’m a girl getting hit on by a guy in a bar,
she’s thinking: Oh, we’re like up in space
exploring, or we’re going on this funny
scenario, it’s very playful, it’s very
light, it also allows distance and
objectivity for her to act in a different way.

Sometimes through role playing you can get
really quick escalations, make outs and
sexually because when you give a girl a
different role, it allows her to act in
a different way.

Be sure to make use of this tactic.


PS: I go through every detail of using roll
plays to transition into seduction HERE. Check
it out!

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