How to Build Sexual Tension using Physical Escalation

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Here’s a quick article by the popular pick-up artist Jon Sinn about
how to build sexual tension with physical escalation…


Today I want to get in to
building sexual tension with
physical (rather than conversational)

I mean things that build - what I
like to think of as sexual rapport.

You want to start treating a
girl once you’re building sexual
tension like you’ve already had
sex with her.

So you might wipe something off
of her face. You might share her drink.
You might kiss her neck and blow on it.
You might pull her hair.

You might do any of these things
that you would do with someone
that you already have a sense of
sexual rapport with.

You know what women like, and you
know they’re going to enjoy what
you’re doing. That’s a big part
of the physical escalation to
build sexual tension, is that
you demonstrate good sexual

Hope this helps,


P.S: If you want to learn more about getting
physical and escalation interactions into sex

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