How to buy and use a double edge safety razor

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About a year ago, I FINALLY learned how to get a GREAT shave without razor rash and it costing me an arm & a leg…

Let explain what I went through.

I was a fan of the Mach 3 but got fed up when they introduced new razors with more and more blades.

The cost of the replacement cartridges were insane.

I started Googling.

I found out that back in the day most guys used double edged safety razors. These razors worked GREAT.

The problem was that the replacement blades were not patented so third parties could make the blades cheap without having to pay a royalty to the company that made the razor.

So the razor company only made a profit when a guy bought the razor and didn’t make any long term money from the blades themselves. These razors lasted FOREVER too. A guy could use the same razor from 16 to death without a problem.

They decided to get rid of the double edged safety razor in favor of a razor with a patented blade cartridge replacement.

This meant they were continuously making money from replacement blades and since they were the only company that could make them they could charge any price they so choose to.

This was good for the razor company but bad for the consumer…

…BUT you can still buy double edged razors and blades today!

Gillette and Schick don’t want you to know that. They are spending millions trying to make their Quattro and Fusion razors seem COOL and the best viable shaving option to a new generation of shavers.

Here are my recommendations from my experiences:

1. Get a cheap electric razor

Get one at Target, Wal-mart or Amazon.

This will be a quick and easy way to get rid of the majority of your scruff. You will use a normal razor just to get what the electric razor is sure to miss.

2. Buy a double edged razor

I could not find them ANYWHERE around here. I found out my dad had some old ones so I stole one of his.

Your best option is to buy one online. I recommend getting the cheapest one with a “heavy head” to it. The weight of the head will help make shaving easier because you won’t have to push hard against your skin with it. This will cause less irritation and a more consistent shave.

I recommend the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor for less than $40 at Amazon.

3. Buy blades

Keep in mind each blade has TWO edges. Once one side gets dull, use the other.

Believe it or not you can still get these blades at Wal-mart. They are about $1.50 for 10 in the shaving isle.

Otherwise you can order them at Amazon with your razor. You can get a 100 Derby blades for about $18. This would last you a LONG time.

4. Don’t waste your time with a brush

I had a boars hair shaving brush and it was worthless. Supposedly it allows you to apply shaving cream while “raising” your facial hair which in theory should make it easier to cut. It was nothing more than a pain in the ass for me.

There are also different hairs for brushes. The best is a badger hair brush because it absorbs more moisture. It then can moisturize your hair and thus make it easier to cut.

I think taking a warm shower or applying a warm moist towel before shaving would get the same effect.

Amazon has a cheap shaving kit for $12 that comes with a brush, soap and a bowl if you want to try using a brush out.

5. Don’t waste your time with shaving soap

Shaving soap is about a $1 a bar and you can get it at Wal-mart just like a bar of Ivory soap.

The idea is that you put it in a shallow bowl and use a dampened shaving brush to create lather from it that you apply to your face with the brush.

I tried it and I thought it sucked. The lather was not very lubricating.

I instead use a $1 can of Barbosal or Colgate shaving cream.


So basically thats it! The whole deal (including the electric shaver) should be under $100 and should last you for a LONG time.

You’ll have the best shave ever and it will be probably your cheapest shave too.

I also forgot to mention that since you can remove the blade from the razor it is a breeze to clean too. This will help keep the blades sharp.

Many give suggestions on how to hold the razor and which way to shave but I find that to be instinctual. Just tweak the angle of your razor to your skin and the direction of your strokes to find the best way for you. You ultimately want to find the way that shaves your hair the closest while having a relatively low level of abrasion to your skin.

Consider giving it a try!

I recommend getting your safety razor supplies at Amazon… they have the best prices, free shipping and the best selection… and you can’t find this stuff at Wal-mart. Check them out here.

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  • Bobby Rio
    June 12th, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    you’ve got me intrigued with these double edge razors… im sick to shit with mach 3 and shick quatro.. they raise the price of the replacements every couple of months.


  • Mack Tight
    June 12th, 2008 at 8:05 pm


    It is really no different than how printer ink cartridges are $30 when there is less than a $1 worth of ink in them.

    In the 90s my first inkjet printer was $200 and cartridges were only $8. They were smart in the 2000s and ate the upfront profit on the printer so you buy it (or are even given it) but then in the long run they are making more money solely off the cartridges. It was a smart business move.

    Over time you just learn to accept the ridiculous price and go with it…

    …but I had enough and got a $50 laser printer where I can refill it with cheap toner and a double edge razor.

    There are options to the corporate raking if you look hard enough.

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