How To Control Your State In A Night Club

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Here’s part 2 of Gunwitch’s article focused on night club game

In this part he discusses how to control your state in such a chaotic environment.


In part 1, I covered the basics but the goal here is to get a FULL understanding of the advanced methodology of the club beyond these common volume (approach enough ya get one in bed) methods, just as I did for daytime, street, and social circle game.

Right off we will discuss YOUR state and how it alters when you enter a club or bar or packed social event.


“I know all this stuff when at home but when in field it doesn’t come out”. - 95% of club pick up artists.

First and foremost you probably realize that you read this stuff online or listen to audio or analyze women and get a GREAT strategy, you have it figured out and go out in the field with it. BOOM that is all gone it seems? Eyes are on you? Women aren’t like they were in your mind and in your strategy or the materials you have absorbed?

“This is the really real world!”

Surely it is different. In model? In facts? In logic? No, but in that you have entered an altered state of mind compared to when you took on the models of things in the comfort of your home and relaxation.


The material is real, but when you took it on mentally and how you are at the moment in this social place are quite different.

The thoughts of:

“Hell Gun isn’t a great looking guy and he lays women the same day he meets them, I can also, I just need to act different than I usually do!”

Turns in to a feeling of:

“This chick is moving around, hell her eyes met mine, what did that mean, Gun is little black letters, her, she, she, she is real, should I go tell her some jokes and play the clown like I usually do, that is at least comfortable” Not good. I am willing to bet you do just this. You fall in to the same old behavior patterns of failure out of desire to be comfortable, to feel in control.

As I mentioned in Dynamic Approach Often times a guy will lock up and refuse to approach women at all because he associates it with the anxiety of not knowing what to do in a female presence.

The way to reframe this is a simple 2 step process:

1. Realize what is happening. Realize your own self and state right then and there in the club or bar. Realize that what is true and logic and fact is always true, no matter what your state of mind is.

2. Realize the women and other people as FIRST individuals and second as similar to others you know. Some chick standing there seemingly alien and unlike you is JUST AS normal as your last girlfriend or chick you laid was BEFORE you met her. Realize that she is in fact herself also in an altered state of mind just as you were until you realized it, because of this massive social scene.

As corny and children’s novel as it may sound “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet” comes to mind.

Actually try imposing the image of a friend or lover on to strangers in the bar. Imagine them as they may be once you get to know them and how different they are from regular day-life in this place.

Basically realize you are in a jumbled chaotic state, but yet truth is truth of what works and what doesn’t and also realize others are not in this state of mind.

Much like that movie the matrix, they have not freed their mind of it and are still a part of it. You however are not by simple virtue of understanding this first concept.

Next we naturally move on to drinking and pot smoking and other drugs in clubs and bars. MANY advocate not doing this as a pick up artist, and for good reason. When you take these drugs and booze in the club you enter ANOTHER collective of sorts. You enter a collective of those not able to even consciously realize the chaos factor because they have clogged and cluttered their mind even further. SO MUCH so that they in fact get point 2 of the 2 points of chaos factor done away with, others seem comfortable, YET lose all ability to realize and understand their own states and habits of failure BEYOND someone who is sober.

At some point when you have gotten out of the habitual failure you can easily drink some beers or smoke a bowl and handle this, but not until then.

Next naturally we will talk about THEIR states when they enter a club or bar and how they alter.

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Night Club Game

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