How To Convey High Social Value Online

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Here’s a Q&A with Derek Lamont about how to convey high social value when talking to girls online…


Hey Derek!

I just started using some of the strategies in your e-course and WOW! What can I say. I started
talking to this chick I had on Facebook for about a year… barely talked to her…

Then I used your routine and got her number! You’re a genius. But I’ve run into a few problems…

She’s a REALLY busy person. I know this because she’s actually in med school! I really want to
see her soon… is there any way I can get her to MAKE TIME for me?


D. Bolland


Thanks for the great question.

This is a critical point in the pickup process where MANY, MANY men make a mistake… so listen
very closely.

A lot of guys, as soon as they get a girl’s number, will start to immediately call her and BEG for
her to hang out.

Don’t do this unless you want to absolutely BLOW every chance of seducing her and getting her
in bed! Or out on a second date…

You have to play it cool.

Don’t ask her to hang out right away. Instead, just call her up and chat. Text message her.
Tease her. Show her that you’re funny. And most importantly, show her that you have a LIFE.

This is probably the most important step here!

You have to convey to her that you have something going in your life. No girl wants a guy who
does absolutely nothing with his life. No girl wants a guy that has all the free time in the world
to hang out with her all the time.

Talk about how busy you’re going to be in the next week. Tell her all the friends that you’re
going to be meeting. Tell her about all the birthday parties you have to go to. Get the picture?

You have to build up social VALUE. If you do this correctly, she’ll WANT to hang out with you.

And YOU’LL KNOW when she wants to hang out with you. If you’re unsure, you probably still
need to build up more attraction… click here to learn how to do to that.

Once she gives you the signal, which I’ll talk about in a second, then go in for the kill. Ask her…

“What’s your schedule like next week? I wanna grab some tea at some point? You know you

She’ll most likely respond with…

“Sure! How’s Wednesday sound?”

This is where you need to pause and think… then say this:

“Ummm, sure. Let me check my schedule, 1 sec… Okay! Wednesday is good but it has to be
after 3 PM. Is that cool with you?”

See what’s happening here? You’re conveying to her that you’re not willing to MAKE TIME for her
just yet. You’re trying to say that you have a life… and that your schedule is jam-packed with
cool and fun things. This will make her want to hang out with you even more.

So wanna learn the FULL Facebook Pickup Method? Wanna learn when SHE’S ready to be asked
out? Wanna learn how you can seduce her into sleeping with you on the SAME NIGHT?

Then click HERE for all the SECRETS…

See you on the other side, man!

Derek Lamont
Master PUA & Author

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