How to Curb Your Anxiety When Approaching Hot Girls

RooshV PUAHere’s a quick article by Roosh V about how guys f**k up
their game by getting all worked up when approaching hot girls…

This reminds me of a good friend who bangs hot strippers
regularly… but when he meets a girl who fits his special
“profile” (blond, bob haircut, 5′2″-5′4″)… he goes all ape
shit & self destructs…


A common mistake that guys make is having two
different types of game: one for girls they don’t
care about and one for girls they do.

So they go to a bar, spit something indifferent
to a chubby girl, and then all of a sudden perk
up for the hotter girl that comes within their

When you overvalue a girl by thinking you need
to spit your high-octane game, your brain concludes
that it’s dealing with something “important.”

It will then increase your anxiety and fear about
making a mistake, leading you to spit inferior game.

By overvaluing the girl and changing tactics, you put
the pussy on the pedestal, and we all know where that
leads you (hint: not pussy).

Come up with a game that works for you, and then use
that game for everyone. Minor adjustments here or there
are fine, but don’t change your tested strategy because
you think you’re dealing with a magical girl.

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