How to Date Younger Women

I covered my personal experiences regarding using age as an excuse in the past…

Age was a major issue for me until I realized it was only a disadvantage because I made it one. In reality it is an advantage if you know how to say the right things and are comfortable about it.

Similarly, Dean Cortez has followed up his popular “Mack Tactics” with a new program called “Dating Younger Women” which targets guys 30+ who want to date younger women.

Here’s a short article by Dean talking about the reality of age and how his program can help you have great sex with girls as young as their early 20s even if you are in your 40s or older…

How To Date Younger Women

By Dean Cortez

Let’s be honest. What guy doesn’t want to date sexy, fun, younger women?

Well here’s the problem. Most guys reach a certain age and start to think that hot younger women are no longer an option. Many guys in their 30s have already convinced themselves that women who are 5 or 10 years younger are “out of reach.”

When men mature into their 40s and 50s, this mentality becomes more common.

Of course they’d still love to date and sleep with hot young babes! But they limit their dating options to women closer to their own age–who often have more “baggage” than Paris Hilton coming home after an all-day shopping spree.

Let’s face it. When you’re dating women who are age 30 and up, these are often women who’ve been divorced…jaded towards men…or they’re raising kids on their own, and looking for a new guy to help out with the bills.

Or, maybe she never got married and doesn’t have kids yet…but if she’s still single after the age of 30, chances are good that she’s formed a lot of negative beliefs about men and now she SCRUTINIZES every guy that comes into her life.

I chose not to play that game. I’m in my mid-30s and I’m having the best time of my life. I regularly date women in their early-mid 20s, and between all the great sex and good times that I’m having with them, I see no need whatsover to date women my own age.

(Yeah, I’m sure a lot of feminists will HOWL at what I just said…but it’s the truth. And I know a lot of guys would do the same thing I’m doing, if they knew how to master the Younger Women game…)

Look. If you’re in your 30s, 40s, or beyond, it’s time to destroy the myth that you can only get women your own age. There are ways for you to use your maturity, sophistication, knowledge, and life experience as a huge tactical ADVANTAGE.

There are super-effective techniques and strategies for you to use the “age gap” as a massively ATTRACTIVE quality! You may not realize it, but you possess tools right now that younger women find extremely appealing…and that younger guys DON’T have.

But 95% of men go through life NEVER understanding how to tap into these tools and use them. They think that only rich guys and celebrities can have young “trophy” women…the kinds of girls that get stared at by men everywhere they go. (And that married guys lust over!)

Well, this simply is not true. And it’s why I teamed up with Ron Louis, a true legend in the seduction community, who co-authored the international best-selling book “How To Succeed With Women.”

Since 1997, Ron has coached thousands of men at his seminars around the world. He noticed that many of his students had hang-ups about being “too old” or “not cool enough” to relate to the young women they were most attracted to.

But that was just the beginning of our project. In order to create the ultimate program on the subject of Dating Younger Women, we reached out to more than a dozen of the top dating & seduction experts in the world. Our experts include Savoy (former president of the Mystery Method corporation, now the CEO of Love Systems)…MehowDavid Wygant…Sean Stephenson…Scot McKay…Dr. Paul…Brent Smith (mentor to David DeAngelo)… and Carlos Xuma.

These are just a few of the major names that contributed to this program. We tapped their brains and got them to reveal their own methods and secrets for approaching, talking to, and closing the deal with gorgeous younger women.

Just click here to get your hands on the program and all the free bonuses and start hooking up with younger women right away…

Here’s to dating, and feeling, younger!

Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez