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How To Deal With Frustration
By Paul Janka

As a man, you have two choices: the comfort and convenience of a committed relationship, or the uncertainty and excitement of the single life. If you choose the latter, you need to come to terms with an emotion that can bedevil you if you’re not careful: frustration.

Depending on your appetite and the rotation you employ, you may be seeing quite a number of girls per week. This is the benefit of the single life. Carefree, fun, light and full of variety – that’s abundance at its best. However, even the most seasoned player needs to deal with frustration because women can behave in a particularly irresponsible manner when they know things are casual. Of course, it depends on the girl, but many women feel entitled to break plans at the last minute, to be annoyingly vague or to be old-fashioned teases. I discuss strategies for mitigating this in Attraction Formula, but nothing is 100%. You’ll find yourself up against a wall sometimes, chasing smoke. Even the best of us do it. However, over time, you’ll learn to ferret out time-wasters and other false-starts.

The worst thing you can do when you’re frustrated – and I still do this, too frequently – is to “act out.” That means sending a mean or insulting text, or making a strongly sexual comment (my strategy) in a last-ditch effort to get her attention. This rarely works. The best strategy if you want to sexually enjoy the most women is to remain cool-headed and have a nonchalant attitude. This is easier said than done, because if you’re excited to sleep with a woman, it’s extremely frustrating when things fall apart.

A good part of the solution is to have a deep inventory so that you always have ten girls in play on a given night. You’ll definitely get laid that way – maybe not by the girl you really want – but at least you won’t be going ape-shit-batty! Also, knowing how to meet new girls greatly reduces the stress that a single girl can cause…

It seems that frustration is the price a man pays for the excitement of single life. Many men, it’s my belief, ultimately settle into a workable relationship because they haven’t mastered the single life. In my opinion, that’s a bit backward; it makes more sense to “retire” once you’ve understood how to play the game most effectively (each man has a different potential). In the early stages of the hustle, the war-path is littered with false-starts, missed opportunities and “should haves…” As you hone your skills and really learn how to meet women in large numbers, how to effectively pipeline your dating schedule and how to manage a working inventory, you’ll encounter frustration less frequently. I cover all these issues and strategies in Attraction Formula. Though it may decrease, frustration with the fickle female will never entirely dissolve. As a man’s libido wanes I think this can happen naturally, but that’s cold comfort to a virile man with fire in his loins.

So, keep your head up high and master these techniques. I came before so you should get up the learning curve faster than I did, because I’ve done a lot of the work for you. Also, expect that the initial phase can be frustrating, but once you’re had a taste of female abundance you’ll not only pursue the course more vigorously, but handle the occasional frustration more gracefully.

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