How To Escape The “Echo Chamber” Of Your Mind (RSD Julien & RSD Tyler)

RSD Julien Blanc is an instructor for Real Social Dynamics. Owen Cook AKA RSD Tyler is the co-creator & co-owner of Real Social Dynamics. They teach self-help and dating advice to men.

In this video, they talk about escaping the closed vacuum in your mind. Challenge yourself by taking in some new perspectives that just don’t echo your current views and opinions. When you do this, you can learn to grow and advance.

Here’s the video. I’ll share my opinions below.

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This video was a bit meandering but there was still a lot of value in it. Basically, media and politics are purposely trying to split the population down the middle and pit us against each other. This is beneficial for them because by being polarizing, they heighten emotions and get “clicks” that get them more money.

Along with this, there’s now more niche and customized blogs, channels, and media that specifically cater to one side or the other. This paints us into a corner and keeps us from viewing things through the eyes of others.

We also tend to associate with people who share our own opinions and reinforce views rather than with people who challenge our perspectives. In many ways, this only keeps us stagnant.

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep an open eye and look at the big picture. Don’t get trapped by your emotions. Look at your end goal and how to achieve it. Don’t get side tracked with stuff that doesn’t matter or keeps you from advancing and developing.

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