How To Feel Less NERVOUS Around Hot Women…

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Here’s a quick tip by Julian Foxx on how to feel less nervous around attractive women…

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Hey guys, I’m Julian and I call this trick “Imagine that…”

It works every time, and it’s easy to do…

You can try it the next time you’re talking to a hot girl.

First of all, I want you to… imagine something SPECIFIC about her.

For example, I have red hair…

So I like to imagine that she goes absolutely crazy over redheads.

This makes me feel confident and relaxed.

Or if she is a tall blonde, you can imagine that her nickname in high school was ‘Big Bird’.

This helps me remove any ‘pedestal’ I had her on.

Or sometimes I like to pick out a unique habit of hers…

Maybe she adjusts her shirt a lot, or maybe she purses her lips to one side occasionally, or maybe she likes to play with her hair.

It can really be just about anything…

The next step is to LABEL the behavior; so now every time she adjusts her shirt, you decide that she’s getting hotter for you.

You see, whether she is actually getting hotter for you, or not, doesn’t really matter.

What matters is keeping your confidence sky-high, and continuing to *aggressively* push the relationship forward.

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Here are a couple of quick tips to help you put this technique into practice!

1. These kind of visualizations are for you and you alone to be aware of.  They are designed to reduce anxiety and build confidence.  

In other words, you don’t want give away what you are thinking by actually CALLING her Big Bird!

2.  The examples I stated above are just that; examples.  This technique is most effective when you tailor it to your own circumstances.

That’s why I call it “Imagine that…”

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Talk soon,
Julian Foxx

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