How to Find a Good Wingman by David Wygant

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David Wygant dating coachHere’s David Wygant, author of Date To Win ebook, with an article on how to find a good wingman

Choosing a guy to run with is very important.

I think that it’s best to do it alone - I always have and I always will - but there are times where you just want to play off of somebody else.

You want to choose somebody that helps you and makes you look good - rather than somebody that dominates you.

I used to hang out with a guy who dominated all the time when I was in college. Every time we went out, I felt like the mute next to him. I could never get a word in edgewise.

You really want to find somebody that can play off of you - and not somebody that is competing with you.

If a guy is competing with you, it means that he has an ego - and if he has to have every one for himself, to me, he’s not a friend.

If he doesn’t step back and really let you shine, then he’s probably not a good person to run with.

You don’t want to compete with your wing; you want to be able to play off of each other.

It has to be somebody who you are comfortable with and somebody who has your back.

A lot of guys make the mistake of going out with somebody who is a lot better than they are. When this happens, it looks like you’re just trying to pick up his scraps.

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  • steve
    March 22nd, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    I am a GREAt wingman AS a matter of fact I have gotten 8 of my friends laid or g/f’s over the last year. My problem. I cant get women at all. IF you read my jerk army posts you would say man that guy has some problems. I habe learned to touch women more but I am more friends with women than F-buddies. I know I am not supposed to be frutrated but I AM

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