How To Get A Balkan Woman

Greetings everyone here from Croatia, where I have been for about the past three weeks. The weather is beautiful as are the women. As many of you know, I am from this country, but have never sarged here before until I came back. So a few days ago, I walked into a random bar with my uncle (who despite being married has shagged over thirty women). I see a waitress that I like and open the set. The structure of the set should be just like any woman you would open in the states. However, to be successful in bagging a Balkan woman, here are a few pointers:

  • When she is giving her IOIs, make sure to give her just as many as she is giving you. Though the game is almost the same, it is a tad bit different. Women here are a little more oppressed by males, so therefore exchanging pleasantries is vital.
  • Buy her a drink! I know that this sounds ludicrous, but if you are from a foreign country and obviously a little better off than the rest of the folks here and have more money, the woman probably instinctively wants you to buy her a drink. My uncle taught me this. He understands the game as well as most anyone that I have ever met. So therefore the next time I ordered myself a drink, I made sure to ask her what she wants to drink also. This worked wonderfully.
  • Be interesting. Foreign women love to hear that you are well off and that you have a lot of interesting things happening in your life. It makes them realize that they are talking to someone who knows what he wants and that she can rely on him should she have to.
  • Be kind! Like I have mentioned before, the game is almost exactly the same worldwide, but women are sometimes oppressed. Make sure to convey the fact that you are loving, giving, nurturing even more so. Luckily for me, I have got a cute little four year old female cousin who adores me, hugs me and smothers me with kisses. When the target saw this, I could see that she was melting internally.

The place of seduction was a house that my uncle owned. Basically, we were sitting there after my uncle and his wife had gone to bed, and the waitress had returned from the bathroom. When we were alone, she jumped one me and things started happening. We went to another room and shagged three times. She spent the entire night there with me. The next day, she called me wanting to hang out again to which I agreed since I had not had much time left here as is. That was yesterday. She came over once more, we talked and we did what we did. Similarly, a few days before I met her, a similar sequence of events happened.

In essence, what I am trying to convey to you is: Learn how to adjust your game. Gauge the temperature. See what works and what does not and work around it.